Petition demands that Syriza implement the popular mandate and abolish the Memoranda

More than 500 activists responded to the call of the Communist Tendency and signed the petition in favour of the cancellation of the Memoranda, the immediate withdrawal of the new Memorandum and the immediate implementation of election commitments. Amongst them are activists from the entire spectrum of the left wing of Syriza.

Among them are 150 members of the CC and party members from 35 cities and 75 local member organisations.

The petition will be submitted in the form of a resolution at the meeting of the Central Committee of Syriza this weekend by representatives of the Communist Tendency.

The campaign continues, in person and online.

Implement the true popular mandate now!

The mandate of the people on 25th January was not about reaching a compromise with the extortionist lenders, or about emptying the state’s cash reserves to keep up with the loan repayments while the lenders create financial strangulation.

The popular mandate was to repeal the austerity and the Memoranda and put the needs of the people over debt servicing.

The government must respond to the popular mandate.

That is why we demand straight away:

  • To stop payments to blackmailing lenders. Write-off of the predatory - as amply revealed by the audit conducted by the parliament - government debt.
  • To abolish as quickly as possible the Memoranda and its laws, using the related draft law proposed by the Communist Party in parliament, which must be supported by all the MPs of SYRIZA.
  • To cancel any plans of signing a new Memorandum. If it comes to Parliament for a vote, SYRIZA MPs must vote against it.
  • To implement all the pre-election commitments of SYRIZA which will be funded by the necessary radical measures against big capital and wealth.