Javed Shaheen, who also spoke at the congress, is perhaps the most politically mature and class conscious poet of his epoch and generation. We publish here one poem for the readers of In Defence of Marxism.

Dozens of journalists have been beaten and detained in Islamabad, with police charging the journalists in Lahore. The journalists have staged a sit-in outside Governor House in Karachi, as countrywide rallies were held in Pakistan called by the PFUJ to observe International Press Freedom Day.

The National Assembly of Pakistan was disrupted yesterday, June 13 by a severe dispute. As soon as the session of the lower house of parliament started Comrade Manzoor Ahmed, the Marxist MP, raised a point of order and challenged the Telecommunication Minister, Awais Laghari on the army’s invasion of PTCL telephone exchanges and installations, the arrest of hundreds of striking workers, and on the whole process of privatizing the PTCL.

The United Nations have never been able to solve any serious conflict. The present crisis over Iraq has exposed it as an empty talking shop. But there is another conflict that has been festering for more than 50 years, that between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir. Lal Khan pints out the shortcomings of the UN on this issue and indicates the class struggle as the only way of finally solving the problem.

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