On the struggle for lower fares: To all comrades in Brazil

Statement of the Executive Committee of Esquerda Marxista - the Brazilian section of the International Marxist Tendency

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 18:15

Our main orientation as Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left) is one of full support for the demonstrations and the struggle against the criminalization of social movements.

The Executive Committee of the Esquerda Marxista have just met to assess the situation after the huge demonstrations yesterday.

Our central slogans are:

  • Down with repression!
  • Repeal fare increases! Reduce fares!
  • Struggle for socialism!

Throughout Brazil today the main unifying slogan is the slogan for the reduction of public transport fares. At the same time in the struggle against repression, we demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and the withdrawal of the absurd charges of "gang formation" against the young demonstrators.

The struggle for socialism is the only realistic alternative against the hell of capitalism. The wind of the indignados of Sol Square, in Spain, the revolt of the Greeks and the Portuguese as well as the Occupy movement in the US has reached Brazil. They broke the levees and unleashed the pent up indignation and revolt; which had been so far suppressed. The only way out is political, that is, by breaking with Capital and its parties, breaking the alliances that deform and distort the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores - the Workers’ Party) and lead to situations like the one Minister of Education Fernando Haddad got himself into. This is the result of the alliances with right-wing politician Paulo Maluf, the right-wing reactionary party PMDB, Skaf, the bosses federation FIESP etc.

Only the struggle for socialism can complete the present steps of the movement and show a way forward.

  • Long live the youth and the fight for the repealing of the fare increases!
  • Long live the struggle of the workers of the whole world!
  • All together! Forward!

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