We are happy to introduce no.marxist.com, the website of Revolusjon: the Norwegian supporters of the IMT! The celebrated ‘Nordic models’ of capitalism – with an extensive welfare state – have not avoided the general crises in the capitalist system. Huge tax cuts for the rich, privatization of public services, and the increasing economic gulf between rich and poor are creating discontent among workers and youth. The election of a candidate to the parliament from a socialist party that calls itself Marxist (Red) is a sign that mass discontent is beginning to shift the political climate.

On 11 September, Norway held a parliamentary elections. These were the first elections since the collapse of the oil prices, which led to Norway’s first austerity programme since the 2007 crisis. But in spite of the attacks that it had carried out against the working class, the right-wing government was re-elected after the main party of the left failed to provide a credible political alternative.

Last year marked the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution, a constitution marking the beginning a new state. The celebrations continued throughout the year in Norway. Although not a great victory for bourgeois democracy, as it is presented, it nevertheless prepared the way for the development of the bourgeoisie and Capitalism in Norway.

The bourgeoisie are preparing for an onslaught against working conditions in Norway. As we explained after the last general election, the Norwegian business class got what they desperately wanted: a right-wing government dedicated to the dismantling of the Norwegian welfare state and the weakening of the labour and trade union movement. Since the election, the right wing coalition government has been trying to introduce changes in labour laws that will legalise more flexible working practices: meaning increased exploitation of the Norwegian working class. The response of the labour movement has been immediate and decisive: a massive show of strength in the form of a general strike that also involved rallies in all the major cities of the country.

1.5 million workers went on strike yesterday in the biggest political strike in Norwegian history. Trade unions struck against the right-wing government’s attempts to reform labour laws.

The Norwegian working class got a rude shock this autumn. The right-wing government has brought austerity to Norway, following their counterparts in the rest of Europe. It is clear that even living in the one of the richest countries on the planet will not save you from the crisis of Capitalism.

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