The Nepalese Maoist leaders, having dissolved their rebel army and entered parliamentary politics, are justifying their position with the idea that what faces the Nepalese masses is the bourgeois democratic revolution. This is encapsulated in the idea of the alliance of two classes, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. In reality power remains in the hands of the bourgeois who exploit the authority of the former guerrilla leaders to hold the masses back from going the whole way.

As could be expected the Nepalese capitalist/landlord class have accepted the removal of the monarchy, but it comes at a heavy price. The former leaders of the Maoist guerrillas, having achieved what they perceive as the "first stage" of the revolution, the bourgeois-democratic stage, are now issuing guarantees to the capitalists and landlords that their property will not be touched.

The Nepalese Maoists have achieved spectacular results in the recent elections. Together the two main Communist parties mustered around 50% of the overall vote, a clear indication of the revolutionary fervour of the masses. But which way will the Maoist leaders go? They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders.

When the CPN-Maoist joined the coalition government in Nepal after the revolutionary events last year, the media, the imperialists and last but not least the Nepali ruling class proclaimed a new era of peace and prosperity. This was never going to be the case and now, not even a year after the formation of the government, the Maoists have left the government and Nepal is heading back down the road of crisis.

On March 31 the Nepalese Maoists joined a coalition government with bourgeois parties. From armed struggle they have gone to ministerial portfolios. Now the masses will be expecting something concrete for themselves, real economic and social improvement. But will this be possible in such a Popular Front coalition?

While the Nepalese Maoists and other left forces are involved in talks over a Constituent Assembly and have accepted to put down their arms in exchange for seats in parliament, social unrest is brewing in the country as the recent Terai riots clearly demonstrate. Not having taken power when it was there for the taking, the Nepalese Maoists are leaving room to reactionary forces to manoeuvre behind the scenes.

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