Ministerial Tone

Published in Pravda No. 53, May 23 (10), 1917.

The editors of Ivestia of the Petrograd Soviet have adopted a ministerial tone. They do not like Pravda; they condemn it for its “sharp attacks against the Provisional Government”.

To criticise what he doesn’t like is the sacred right of every publicist. But why make oneself ridiculous by dispensing ministerial censure for our “attacks” without criticising the issues we raise? Would it not be better to analyse our arguments, or at least one of our resolutions, or at least one of our statements on the class struggle?

“The country today is heading for ruin,” says Izvestia’s editorial. Correct. For that very reason it would be unwise today to rely on the conciliatory policy of the petty bourgeoisie, the Narodniks and the Mensheviks, with regard to the capitalists. The country cannot be saved from ruin in that way.


Source: Marxist Internet Archive.