Militan Indonesia publishes second edition

Following the traditions of the Bolshevik Party, that a party journal is an important collective organizer, the Indonesian comrades are publishing the second edition of their newspaper, Militan Indonesia.

The theme of this November edition is corruption, the worst vice in Indonesia which is nurtured by capitalism. The Table of Contents is the following:

  • Corruption, the Logical Conclusion of Bourgeois Democracy (Editorial)
  • Corruption in the Equator's Jewel (Ponco Putrafajar)
  • Obstacles for Trade Unions' Progress: From Dues to Corruption (Nophee Yohana)
  • Tackling Corruption within a Workers' State (Ted Sprague)
  • Biography of Henk Sneevliet (Pandu Jakasurya)
  • Thief (Klewer)
  • Dying, A Short Story (Jesus S. Anam)