Weeks after the Mexican elections the mass movement against electoral fraud is giving no sign of receding. On the contrary, it is spreading and becoming stronger with each passing day. The situation in Oaxaca is of revolutionary proportions. The workers and peasants could actually take power. Revolution has reached the very borders of the most powerful capitalist country in the world, the USA.

The Mexican bourgeoisie is determined to get its man declared as President of the country. The masses are equally determined to stop this blatant electoral fraud. In some areas of Mexico an openly insurrectionary mood is developing and the struggle is going well beyond the question of the ballot recount. Revolution is brewing throughout the country.

On Friday July 21st, 40 comrades of Militante, the Mexican section of the International Marxist Tendency, gathered at the house of that great martyr of the working class, Leon Trotsky, to say goodbye to one of the great revolutionaries who, like the classical Marxists dedicated his life to the revolution: Ted Grant.

One and a half million people, according to the organisers, marched on Sunday, July 16th to protest against electoral fraud in the Mexican presidential elections of July 2nd. Even according to the Mexican DF police, which put the figure of those on the march at 1.1 million, this was one of the largest demonstrations in Mexican history.

Friday July 14th was the international day of action against electoral fraud in Mexico. Here we publish some reports from pickets organised around the globe, from Britain to Austria, Germany to Denmark and Spain to the United States, Canada, Pakistan and Argentina.

The mood in Mexico is becoming angrier as more evidence is presented of the electoral fraud against PRD candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The march that started all over the country yesterday is expected to meet today in five locations, Toluca, Querétaro, Puebla, Hidalgo and Cuernavaca, from which the demonstrators will make their way to the massive march on Sunday in Mexico City.

Here are the details of the pickets being organised worldwide to denounce the fraud that has taken place in the recent presidential elections in Mexico.

The Financial Times, mouthpiece of the British bourgeois, is so worried that a social explosion could take place in Mexico that it is advising a recount.

In spite of the denials of the world media there is abundant evidence that massive electoral fraud has taken place in Mexico to stop Lopez Obrador becoming the next president of the country. What they fear is the mass movement that is building up behind Lopez Obrador. This manoeuvre can only be stopped by mobilising the full force of the workers and poor masses.

As you are already aware, massive electoral fraud has taken place in Mexico to prevent the PRD candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) from becoming president. We make an appeal to all left wing activists around the world to follow closely these important events in Mexico which we will be covering on a day to-day basis.

It is clear to everyone that Lopez Obrador of the PRD won the elections in Mexico on Sunday, but the official results are being withheld and every attempt is being made to deny what has happened. The only way of making sure that the right wing accepts the victory of the PRD is by mobilising the workers and youth who massively voted for Lopez Obrador.

The Mexican miners have suffered brutal attacks in the recent period. This is the answer of the Mexican government to their militant stance in defence of their rights. We ask you to send solidarity message to the address provided.

On April 20, Mexican police killed three steel workers while attempting to break a strike in the city of Lazaro Cardenas. This is part of an attempt by the right wing Fox government to destroy the Miners' and Steel Workers Union (SNTMMRM). The recently created Front for Trade Union Autonomy and Unity has called for a protest general strike.  See also a document by the Mexican Marxist Tendency Militante on the 1906 Cananea miners’ strike and the lessons for the miners’ struggle today: “Centenario de la huelga de Cananea; CANANEA Y PASTA DE...

More than 1.2 million people took to the streets of Mexico City on Sunday April 24 in the so-called “March of Silence” to protest against the politically motivated case against Mexico City’s mayor, Lopez Obrador. The attacks against him have backfired on Vincente Fox and the Mexican ruling class, and the balance of forces is now tipped heavily in favour of Lopez Obrador and the mass movement.