Marxist theory

The advantage of foresight over astonishment

Marxist theory is the basis upon which our analysis, perspectives, programme, and participation in the movement are based. It is our "guide to action" and is why the International Marxist Tendency places so much emphasis on political education. A firm grounding in theory is similar to having a compass or map, which allows us to get our bearings in the turmoil of events, and permits us to understand the underlying processes that shape our world.

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  • Fundamentals of Marxism

    Fundamentals of Marxism

    No set of ideas has been pronounced dead more frequently than that of Marxism. Yet Marx' ideas stand as vibrant as ever, while bourgeois thought is at an impasse.
  • Dialectical Materialism

    Dialectical Materialism

    Dialectical materialism is the philosophy or methodology of Marxism. We must seek to understand the laws of society and nature in order to change them.
  • Historical Materialism

    Historical Materialism

    Historical materialism is the general theory of how and why society develops in the way it does. Each social system has its inherent laws of motion.
  • Marxist Economics

    Marxist Economics

    Marxist economics is the study of the laws of motion of capitalist society, allowing us to understand why capitalism perpetually goes into crisis.
  • Marxism & the State

    Marxism & the State

    The state is not at all neutral. We must understand the state’s real basis by treating it historically - taking in its origins, rise, and eventual fall.
  • Russia & Stalinism

    Russia & Stalinism

    The ability to answer the question “What happened in the Soviet Union?” is critical for revolutionaries. We study both the victory and the degeneration of the revolution.
  • The National Question

    The National Question

    Nations have not always existed, nor will they always exist in the future. Marxists are internationalists, fighting for world revolution.
  • Anarchism


    Anarchism is naturally attractive for those wanting to abolish capitalism. But only Marxist ideas can explain why bureaucracy and oppression exist.
  • Imperialism & War

    Imperialism & War

    Wars represent the sharp extreme of capitalism’s impasse. As long as the profit system exists, there will be wars over markets and influence.
  • Women & LGBT

    Women & LGBT

    Marxists are irreconcilably opposed to the oppression of women and fight determinedly for liberation and against sexual discrimination.
  • Fascism


    The madness of fascism expresses the historic crisis and dead-end of capitalism. But it could have been avoided if the working class had a militant leadership.
  • Religion


    Religion cannot be overcome by recourse to pure, rational arguments; we must instead attack its social foundation. We can only cast aside religious illusions when we directly control our fate.
  • Environment


    Capitalists and their political representatives are completely incapable of carrying out the radical changes that are required to save the planet from an environmental disaster.
  • Art


    In class society art is so designed as to exclude the masses, and relegate them to an impoverished existence, not only in a material but in a spiritual sense.
  • Science & Technology

    Science & Technology

    Capitalism is supposed to drive innovation, technology, and scientific advancement. But in fact, the precise opposite is true.
  • Workers' control

    Workers' control

    The idea of workers' control is to lift the veil, to show the working class the detailed workings of the capitalist system as a step towards its elimination.
  • In Defence of Marxism

    In Defence of Marxism

    In order to build the party, it is not sufficient to have correct ideas. It is necessary to develop the correct tactics to convince the masses that our ideas are correct.
  • International Marxist Tendency

    International Marxist Tendency

    While we stress the importance of Marxist theory, we are not academics and are active in more than 30 countries.
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Revolution — the locomotive of history

  • Ancient history

    Ancient history

    A Marxist explanation of the processes that led to the collapse of the Roman Republic. History is not an inexplicable series of random events.
  • French Revolution & Paris Commune

    French Revolution & Paris Commune

    Two magnificent events that shook France and the world.
  • WWI & Germany

    WWI & Germany

    One year after the victory of the Russian Revolution, the German proletariat entered the scene of world history and brought an end to "the Great War".
  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution is the greatest event in world history. Studying this, and understanding why it degenerated into Stalinism, is vital.
  • Fourth International

    Fourth International

    The history of the Fourth International was one of a struggle to keep the genuine international spirit of the working class struggle alive.
  • World War II

    World War II

    D-Day was an impressive and costly military operation, but the truth is that the war against Hitler in Europe was fought mainly by the USSR and the Red Army on the eastern front.
  • Spanish Revolution

    Spanish Revolution

    The Spanish masses instinctively strived towards socialist revolution but were strangled by the class collaboration of their leadership.
  • Chinese Revolution

    Chinese Revolution

    The establishment of the People’s Republic of China marked a monumental change in world history, with hundreds of millions of human beings throwing off their humiliating yoke.
  • Cuban Revolution

    Cuban Revolution

    On January 1, 1959, Cuban dictator Batista fell, his regime falling to the guerrillas of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Within 3 years capitalism had been abolished in the island.
  • Revolutionary 1968

    Revolutionary 1968

    The greatest general strike in the post war period showed the mighty power of the working class, only defeated by the scandalous role of the French Communist Party.
  • Iranian Revolution

    Iranian Revolution

    The revolution of 1979 tends to be seen as a movement of Islamic fundamentalists led by the Ayatollah Khomeini to push Iran back to the 6th century. This is false.
  • Ireland & Republicanism

    Ireland & Republicanism

    The national struggle and the class struggle in Ireland have always been closely connected. Today the struggle for a united Ireland is bound up with the struggle for a Workers’ Republic.
  • British Labour & English Revolution

    British Labour & English Revolution

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  • Marxism & the USA

    Marxism & the USA

    The history of the class struggle in the United States illustrates that the ideas of Marxism, socialism and communism aren't at all alien to "the land of opportunity."
  • Black struggle

    Black struggle

    “You can’t operate a capitalistic system unless you are vulturistic. You show me a capitalist, I’ll show you a bloodsucker.” (Malcolm X)
  • Stalinism in Eastern Europe

    Stalinism in Eastern Europe

    The Hungarian Revolution of 1956, the Prague spring of 1968 and the fall of the Berlin Wall were all significant events showing the dead end of Stalinism.
  • Arab Revolution

    Arab Revolution

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  • Venezuelan Revolution

    Venezuelan Revolution

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