Letters from Palestinian Students

Letters we have received from Students in Palestine, giving a flavour of what is happening inside the West Bank.


Your article (Middle East: on the brink of the abyss...) summarises the whole situation in good words, but we would add some points:

1. About socialist revolution, it is not a theory from now on. Just yesterday there was a protest in NABLUS city. FATIH movement (which is ARAFAT'S one) decided to protest inside the city but it doesn't fight against the Israelis at the entrance to the city. But all the people marched with the POPULAR FRONT FOR LIBERATION OF PALESTINE, PFLP) which is a Leninist-Marxist party. This situation was repeated in many cities. So from that we see that the people are starting to believe in socialist and Marxist movements again, after they had lost that belief for years!!

2. About the Sharm el-Sheikh summit, although it succeeded for now, the Palestinian people here will not accept it in any way, whatever Arafat and Barak may imagine. Today the INTIFADA is still going on in the Streets and 4 people have been killed by the Israelis and the settlers!!

We are ready to translate your article. We will also send you some pictures and some eye-witness accounts!!!

Keep in touch comrades!!!!!!


Palestinian Socialist Students,