Hezbollah went into Beirut and came out again once the government had backed off on its plans to dismantle its communications network. Although powerful, the Hezbollah leaders are only interested in maintaining their share of power. They are not interested, and are incapable of, solving the real problems facing the masses.

Last year's war in Lebanon ended in defeat for Israel, but it also shook up Lebanese society. The general strike that took place shortly afterwards is testimony to this fact. Luke Wilson interviewed a student activist in Beirut on how he sees the situation now.

The killing taking place in a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon is now being added to the long list of barbaric acts the masses have had to suffer in that country. But what is behind all this? Why for instance is the US government preparing to send millions of dollars to the Lebanese army to crush a tiny group of Islamic militants?

On Sunday up to two million people came out onto the streets in the largest demonstration in the history of this small country. The protest was aimed against the Siniora government, which now stands exposed as a government with no support among the population. The people of Lebanon want genuine change, but who is going to offer it to them?

There is much myth-making about what is happening in Lebanon. But what is the truth, what really lies behind the periodic breakdown into internecine civil war? Lebanon faces the real danger today of renewed civil war. The source of this conflict, however, lies mainly beyond its borders.

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