Demonstrators in downtown Beirut are under severe police repression. Dozens have been injured and at least 90 of the protesters have been arrested so far, but the count is likely to grow in the next hours. The sweeping protest of Lebanese youth, which took the name of the “You Stink” movement, started on August 22.

The enforced negotiations between Israel and the PLO in Camp David are hiding a deep economic crisis in the whole of the Middle East. Since the birth of Israel in 1948, this state could only maintain itself politically, economically, and militarily, by courtesy of a never ending flow of military and economic aid from the US.


Four months after it was formed and two weeks after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri the pro-Syrian government of Omar Karami has resigned. The right-wing opposition that brought down the pro-Syrian government headed by Karami is focused on the removal of the Syrian troops from Lebanon.

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