On the list of candidates being presented by the Italian Communist PRC party, there are a few worker candidates one of whom, Domenico Loffredo standing in the Italy South constituency, has been involved in leading the struggles at the FIAT Pomigliano car plant near Naples and is also a Marxist and supporter of FalceMartello. Here we publish a brief interview with Domenico.

Italy is feeling the full brunt of the world economic crisis. Industry almost came to a complete halt in January, with hundreds of thousands of workers losing their jobs. This is provoking a very angry mood within the working class. The FIAT workers are presently in the vanguard of this process, but it is spreading to all layers of society.

After a period of youth protests that have shaken Italy, last Friday the workers responded well to the general strike called by the CGIL trade union confederation against the economic policies of the Berlusconi government.

The Berlusconi government has managed to provoke a mass movement that started with the students but then spread to wider and wider layers. Now a general strike has been called for December 12. The mood is getting ever more radical and the ideas of Marxism are consequently getting a greater hearing.

Hundreds of thousands of school and university students, together with teachers, professors and parents are mobilising all over Italy against Berlusconi’s attempt to further privatise education. This has led to occupations of schools and universities. The response of the government has been to threaten the use of armed police against the students. All this is achieving is a further radicalisation of the youth… as the workers’ movement also prepares to intervene.

Claudio Bellotti is a leading member of FalceMartello, the Italian section of the International Marxist Tendency. Claudio is also the spokesperson of the Marxist left wing of the Communist Refoundation Party (Rifondazione Comunista). Our interview will be about the intervention of the Italian Marxists in the congress of Rifondazione.

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