In February the national conference of the Italian Young Communists (GC), the youth wing of the PRC, met to discuss two counterposed political documents, one presented by the Marxist tendency and the other by all the other currents who came together as one block. The Marxists emerged far stronger than they have ever been and are now a respected current within the youth, one that has shown in practice that it knows how to build the party with correct Marxists ideas.

The dramatic events that unfolded recently in the small southern Italian town of Rosarno highlight the terrible conditions that immigrant workers have to suffer in many parts of Europe. The bosses try and use the tactic of “divide and rule” to pit poor immigrant against poor Italian workers. It is the task of the labour movement organisations to offer an alternative and campaign to unite all workers against the real enemies, the bosses.

The Marxists of Falcemartello played a key role in defeating the old discredited right wing at the last congress of Rifondazione Comunista. In the process they have strengthened their position in the party, taking on some key leading positions. One example is Modena where they have pushed the party to break the long-standing position of support for the Centre-Left. Here we publish an interview with Francesco Giliani, a supporter of FalceMartello, who is standing as mayor in the local elections, defending the positions of genuine communism.

On the list of candidates being presented by the Italian Communist PRC party, there are a few worker candidates one of whom, Domenico Loffredo standing in the Italy South constituency, has been involved in leading the struggles at the FIAT Pomigliano car plant near Naples and is also a Marxist and supporter of FalceMartello. Here we publish a brief interview with Domenico.

Italy is feeling the full brunt of the world economic crisis. Industry almost came to a complete halt in January, with hundreds of thousands of workers losing their jobs. This is provoking a very angry mood within the working class. The FIAT workers are presently in the vanguard of this process, but it is spreading to all layers of society.

After a period of youth protests that have shaken Italy, last Friday the workers responded well to the general strike called by the CGIL trade union confederation against the economic policies of the Berlusconi government.

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