Issue 12 of Arabic Marxist magazine ‘Freedom and Communism’ – out now!

The editorial board of is proud to announce the publication of issue 12 of ‘Freedom and Communism’, the Arabic-language magazine of the International Marxist Tendency. Click here to read the whole issue in Arabic online.

This special issue includes articles based on talks held at the hugely successful Arabic-language Marxist University, hosted this spring on 17-19 March by the editorial board of and supporters of the IMT from across the Middle East and North Africa. (To read a report of that event, click here.)

The topics included:

  • 2023 world perspectives
  • the plight of women in our region and the fight for women’s emancipation: the Marxist perspective vs. the feminist perspective
  • the national question in our region: what is the solution?
  • Marxism vs. Core–Periphery theory: in defence of the permanent revolution
  • How to organise our struggle? The necessity of the revolutionary party

This was the first Marxist University ever organised in North Africa and the Middle East. And as our latest editorial says:

“It is not at all a coincidence that we, the International Marxist Tendency, are the first to organise an activity of this kind in the region, because following the path of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and Ted Grant, we consider that theory is the most effective weapon in the arsenal of the working class in its struggle to change society on a revolutionary socialist bases. Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.

“Nevertheless, our organisation does not exist for the purpose of abstract theoretical discussions. Rather, it is a revolutionary International whose goal is the construction of a revolutionary leadership in our region and across the world, a leadership capable of leading the struggles of the working class during the revolutionary period that opens up before us, providing a revolutionary socialist programme to ensure the victory of the working class in the fight to overthrow capitalism – which is dragging the world towards barbarism through exploitation, famine, poverty, wars, pollution, etc. – and to construct socialism.

“Comrades, if you agree with our positions and our revolutionary perspectives, join us in this great historical struggle, to build socialism in our lifetime!”

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