Islamic Fundamentalism

Title Created Date Author
Religious fundamentalism – why is it growing and what is the alternative? 26 April 2019 Fred Weston
Terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka: only workers’ unity can end sectarian violence! 23 April 2019 Meena Kumar
Ataque terrorista en Barcelona: el imperialismo alimenta el fanatismo islamista ¡Socialismo o barbarie! 18 August 2017 Escrito por Declaración de Lucha de Clases-Corriente Marxista Internacional
The terrorist attack in Barcelona: imperialism fuels Islamic fanaticism – socialism or barbarism! 18 August 2017 Lucha de Clases – International Marxist Tendency
La follia terroristica e la malattia del capitalismo 14 June 2017 Alan Woods
Terrorist madness and the sickness of capitalism 08 June 2017 Alan Woods
London terrorist attack: don't let the Tories talk of "our values" 04 June 2017
El Isis a punto de ser derrotado mientras los imperialistas se preparan para la guerra 30 May 2017 Niklas Albin Svensson
Isis close to defeat as imperialists prepare for war 25 May 2017 Niklas Albin Svennson
Pakistan: Young revolutionaries keep the struggle of Mashal Khan alive 20 May 2017 Progressive Youth Alliance
Pakistan: Students vow to carry forward the struggle of Mashal Khan 26 April 2017 Progressive Youth Alliance, Lahore
The murder of Mashal Khan - A statement of the IMT 19 April 2017 Alan Woods
Pakistan: Planned student lynching leads to backlash against fundamentalism 18 April 2017 Asfandyar Shinwari, Peshawar University
Terrorist Attack in Stockholm - Symptoms of a Dying Capitalist System 11 April 2017 Revolution (Sweden)
Terror attacks in Egypt: Who is to blame? 10 April 2017 Dejan Kukic
9/11 2001: US Suicide Bombing - Terrorism Aids Reaction 11 September 2001 Ted Grant and Alan Woods