Iraqi trade unionists and women support Egyptian revolution

We received these solidarity statements with the Egyptian revolution from Iraqi trade unionists and women's organisations, via Akram Nadir (Union Organizer in Iraq and Kurdistan).

Appeal for Solidarity with the Demonstrators of Egypt

A terrible massacre was committed by the rogue gangs of the semi-overthrown president Husni Mubarak.

In the last phone call with the leaders of the uprising in Al Tahrir Square, central Cairo, held by Akram Nadir, the Egyptian trade unionist Kamal Abo Aetah, one of the founders of the Egyptian Federation for Independent Unions, announced that a serious fight was going on between the demonstrators and the policemen who were dressed as civilians demonstrating in support of Mubarak.

Kamal Abo Aetah added that thousands of young people are badly injured, many of them in critical cases and bleeding, some of them have lost eyes, others have their skulls broken. Generally the situation is dangerous.

To all the supporters of human rights and freedom of expression … support the demonstrators with no delay. Call your governments to reject and illegalize Mubarak's regime immediately.

Announce to the whole world the illegitimacy of the remnants of Mubarak's regime, who are utterly rejected by the masses. Their desperate clinging to power is costing the people their lives.

Support Egyptian masses!
Support the wounded and hurt people!
Prevent Mubarak and his loyalists from killing the people.

Falah Alwan, Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq, President


Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) condemns the attacks on the demonstrators in Egypt by Mubarak's thugs

In a telephone call by Akram Nader, FWCUI\OWFI representative, one of the demonstrating worker groups' leader and an organizer of the January 25 revolution, Kamal Abou Aetah, forwarded a call for help and support from all the freedom-lovers of the world to stand behind the people's struggle in Cairo for freedom:

"Help us as we're being attacked. Our peaceful demonstration is subject to beatings and extreme violence by Mubarak's police and intelligence who are disguised as demonstrating civilians. They attempt to massacre our uprising."

Although Abou Aetah's unionist\workers groups managed to gather forces and push the security thugs outside Tahrir square after a few hours, the conflict still continues, and may lead to a massacre against the demonstrators anytime.

OWFI stands strongly behind the Egyptian people's right to oust the rogue regime in Egypt. We call upon the international community to intervene and put an end to the violent attacks against the demonstrators who practice their legitimate right of ousting a long-overdue despot and his whole corrupt establishment.

Yanar Mohammed,
Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, president OWFI


Statement of solidarity with the people of Tunisia and Egypt

Revolutionary greetings to the courageous people of Tunisia and Egypt to our sisters, brothers and co-fighters in these countries; we are in full solidarity with you. We harbour great hope and admiration of your bravery in ousting two of the long-term dictators in the region, whose overthrow was long overdue.

The fair demands of your protest movement for social justice, equality, welfare, jobs, freedom and dignity are inspiring, and give hope to millions of oppressed people not only in the region but around the world.

Fighting for abolishing the entire political establishment in Tunisia and Egypt, which was backed by the US and their Western allies for many decades, is a start of a new history of this region; its pages will be written by the brave people who made this revolution possible. Your courage and continuous demands for the removal of dictators has forced not only shame upon the US and other western countries but also to stop supporting these dictators at least for now. They are forced to concede to your just demands.

The willpower of dignified, freedom-loving workers, youth, women and men in Tunisia and Egypt, and their defiance and commitment to real regime change have forced the west to recognize that the Middle East is not only about production of terrorism, and suicide bombers, but is also a place for revolutionaries and freedom-loving people who can make history once they show the power of the masses to ascend above the barriers of fear. Despite the fact that the dictators offered so-called “reforms”, the high spirited revolutionary people who have suffered oppression, degrading treatment, discrimination, imprisonment, torture, lack of rights, freedom of speech and expression did not want reform from the very people who deprived them from these basic human rights for so many decades.

We at the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq are watching and following closely the news coming from Tunisia, Egypt and other dictatorship-driven countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We have strong hope and believe that others will follow. Military coup-d'état and western-backed and installed governments have had their terms in office through authoritarian rule and the terrorizing of civilians. The time has come for people to take matters into their own hands, and choose an alternative that represents the free will and aspiration of people for a better life, better future for their children, equal rights for women, workers and all people regardless of their backgrounds. The times have changed; people have broken through the barriers of fear and have tasted the glory of their own willpower and strength to change the oppressive establishment.

We offer our strong support and solidarity to the people of Tunisia and Egypt in their revolution.

Long live the people's revolution

Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) (03/02/2011)