Iran: Enthusiastic welcome for released May Day detainees

On Sunday evening four of the International Labour Day detainees were released from Evin prison.

Jelveh Javaheri, Shahpoor Ehsanirad, Assadollah Poorfahad and Mohammad Ashrafi were released in the late evening of Sunday into the enthusiastic and delighted welcome of those greeting them by the exit gate of the Evin detention centre and returned to the bosom of their families.

The May Day detainees were released after a number of their relatives who were arrested earlier for protesting outside the Revolutionary Court were released on bail on Saturday June 6. Ms Javaheri, Mr Ehsanirad, Mr Poorfahad and Mr Ashrafi were also released on bail.

Those gathered outside Evin prison had to wait in anticipation until the last hours of Sunday 7 June. According to information from Evin prison, Mr Alireza Saghafi was also to be released, but because of another trial was summoned to court from ward 209. The daily peaceful gatherings of workers and the families of the May Day detainees in front of the door of the Revolutionary Court, that began 38 days ago and have continued until now, will continue until all the detainees have been released.

It is expected that until the final days of the start of the election the other prisoners arrested in Laleh Park including Said Yuzi, Mehdi Farahi-Shandiz, Alireza Saghafi, Mohsen Saghafi, Jafar Azimzadeh and others, and seven members of the Metalworkers-Mechanics’ Trade Union, will also be released from prison.

While welcoming the release of the labour/civil [rights’] activists, the Pursuit Committee for the Formation of Free Labour Organisations, together with the families of the May Day detainees, will strive resolutely for the freedom of all those jailed on International Labour Day.

Pursuit Committee for the Formation of Free Labour Organisations
Sunday 7 June 2009

Translated by: Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network

For more information on the May Day arrests see the special page.

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