Iran: Pedram Nasrollahi rearrested!

The following is a statement issued by Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network activists in Sanandaj on the recent arrest of Pedram Nasrollahi, a Kurdish labour activist. Pedram was released on bail earlier this year (April 6 2009) from prison in Sanandaj, the capital of the Iranian province of Kurdistan.

Worker comrades

Pedram NasrollahiPedram Nasrollahi has been transferred to the quarantine of Sanandaj’s central prison and is being held under very harsh conditions. It is necessary that all labour activists take action quickly for the unconditional release of this labour activist as soon as possible.

Obviously, in order to continue exploiting and plundering the wages of us workers, the capitalist system will do anything. Only our unity in this proletarian fight can force the onslaught of repression and arrests of activists into a retreat.

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network Activists - Sanandaj
[16 November 2009]

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