Iran: Pedram Nasrollahi freed from capitalism’s prison

On Monday December 7, 2009, Pedram Nasrollahi, a labour movement and women’s movement activist, was released on 30 million tomans ($30,369) bail. Pedram Nasrollahi was arrested by the security force on Thursday, November 12, 2009, at 5:40pm, while returning [home] from work. He was detained in Sanandaj’s Ferdowsi Street, and after a beating was held in the city prison’s quarantine.

Pedram NasrollahiOn Thursday, November 26, he was moved to the Pak 2 wing and on Tuesday December 1, this well-regarded activist of the labour movement was transferred to Sanandaj’s court and today, December 7, 2009, they have finally released him from prison.

We send our greetings and good wishes to Pedram and his honourable family. We also congratulate labour activists, civil and labour organisations, trade unions, websites, the media and all those people who from the four corners of the world have ceaselessly supported dear Pedram and Farzad, and have taken action to bring about their release, on this victory

We hope that we can work even more closely and that together we can build a world free of exploitation.

Free Pedram Nasrollahi and Farzad Ahmadi Campaign
Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
Ettehad-e Kargari (labour unity) website

7 December 2009

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