Iran: Mansour Osanloo sacked

Mansour Osanloo, the leader of the Steering Committee of the Trade Union of the Vahed Bus Company of Tehran and Suburbs, has been sacked from work.

Mansour OsanlooMr Osanloo, who is currently serving his jail sentence in Evin prison, was sentenced by Branch 14 of the Revolutionary Court to five years in custody and had earlier been sacked by a lower court. Now his appeal to the Court of Administrative Justice has failed after this court upheld the ruling of the lower court made on October 21, 2009. Branch 21 of the Court of Administrative Justice has approved the decision that is one of the government’s methods of putting pressure on labour activists and their families.

Mansour Osanloo has worked for the Vahed Company, which is owned by the Tehran council, for 26 years. Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network strongly condemns this ruling of the Iranian regime’s judiciary.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
12 December 2009

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