Iran: Farzad Ahmadi arrested!

The following is a statement issued by Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network activists in Sanandaj (in the Iranian province of Kurdistan) on the recent arrest of Farzad Ahmadi, a labour activist.

A labour activist arrested

Farzad AhmadiAccording to the latest news received, at about 5pm on Thursday November 19 Farzad Ahmadi, a labour activist and tailor, was attacked by the security forces near Sanandaj’s Ferdowsi Street and, after a brutal beating, was arrested.

It must be pointed out that this was on the same day that human rights organisations were issuing statements condemning the death penalty, [and] this was the grounds for the arrest of a number of civil activists.

In addition to condemning the arrest of Farzad Ahmadi, we state that he had not been present at any public meeting on that day. He was arrested near Vakil street, which is not far from Namaki junction. The backers of capital have been looking for imaginary excuses to imprison the anti-capitalist activists.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network - Sanandaj
23 November 2009

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