100 years after the Russian Revolution, its history and legacy are yet again on the agenda. Capitalism is going through a deep crisis and the working class and the youth are searching for a way out of the impasse. Revolutionary developments are inherent in the situation throughout the world. The lessons of the October Revolution and the ideas of Marxism have never been more relevant. This page is dedicated to spreading and defending the lessons of October and the methods of Marxism and Bolshevism.

In Defence of Marxism has become (since its launch in 1998) one of the world premiere sources of Marxist theory, analysis on current events and the history of the revolutionary workers’ movement. This has been achieved thanks to the consistent effort of thousands of Marxists throughout the world in dealing with the burning problems and opportunities for the revolutionary movement arising from the crisis of the capitalist system and the development of the class struggle internationally. In doing so, we have consistently defended the Marxist method and revolutionary ideas against the deluge of falsifications and slanders by the bourgeois media. In Defence of Marxism is not just a website. It is the organ of the International Marxist Tendency, now organised in more than 30 countries. The year 2017 marks the centenary of the single most important event of world history from a Marxist point of view – the Russian Revolution of 1917. To celebrate these events as they unfolded we have launched a dedicated website of historical analysis, contemporary witness accounts, and daily live tweets from the Revolution! If you agree with our ideas and the need to fight for a revolutionary Marxist alternative within the working class movement, please join us. Contact us for details of how to join the struggle for socialism in your country.





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