In What Way Do You Socialist-Revolutionary and Menshevik Gentlemen Differ From Plekhanov?

First published in Pravda No. 87, July 4 (June 21), 1917.

Dyelo Naroda repeatedly called Yedinstvo social-imperialist. Rabochaya Gazeta officially condemned the election bloc with Yedinstvo (after elections had taken place to almost all the district councils).

Today, the offensive that has begun is clearing away the fog of empty phrases, showing the people the naked truth. Everyone sees that Plekhanov and the Socialist-Revolutionary and Menshevik leaders are at one over the serious and important issue of the current offensive.

It means, therefore, that you—Yedinstvo, Kerensky and Chernov, Tsereteli and Skobelev—are all “social-imperialists” (to use Dyelo Naroda’s expression).


Source: Marxist Internet Archive.