The IMT present at the World Social Forum in Tunisia.

This year the World Social Forum (WSF)will take place from March 26th until March 30th in Tunisia, the country where the Arab revolution started in 2010. 50.000 people will participate, many of them coming from the countries of the Middle East who have been in the forefront of the revolutionary struggle to overthrow the dictatorships.

Many have questions on the future of the revolutionary process. How can real democracy be achieved? Is it possible to end exploitation and oppression within the framework of capitalism? Can the Islamists and liberals be trusted? What is socialism and how can it be carried through? Surely those and other questions will be at the centre of the many discussions, formal and informal taking place at the WSF.

The International Marxist Tendency has been following the events in the Arab world intensively and in some countries it is participating actively in the revolution. A delegation of the comrades of the IMT will take part in the WSF where we, besides our general presence, will host a meeting with the title ‘Arab revolution and Marxism’.

Besides the meeting we will also be presenting our main books and pamphlets (in English and Arabic) at a stall during the whole week. Here we are also available to answer questions and engage in discussions. If you are participating at the Social Forum and want to meet us please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on the IMT’s ideas regarding the Arab revolution please read our Manifesto on the Arab revolution here:

The Arab Revolution - Manifesto of the International Marxist Tendency - Thawra hatta'l nasr!

 and in Arabic here