Title Created Date Author
Hungary: workers and students fight together against Orbán 17 January 2019 Felicia Pál and Emanuel Tomaselli
Hungary: major protests against “slave law” 18 December 2018 Stephen Agnew
Hungarian elections: Orbán's victory through fear 11 April 2018 IMT correspondent in Hungary
Hungary: Orbán's plebiscite falls flat as millions stay at home 12 October 2016 Josh Holroyd
Hungarian teachers’ revolt 19 February 2016 Our correspondent in Budapest
Hungary: Orbán cynically takes advantage of refugee crisis to suppress democratic rights 09 September 2015 Our correspondent in Budapest
Hungarian parliamentary elections: victory or disaster? 08 April 2014 our correspondent in Budapest
Hungary – A dictatorial regime in the making? 24 April 2013 correspondent in Budapest
Hungary – the new weak link 19 January 2012 our correspondent in Hungary
Hungary: Draconian measures implemented at state TV channel 05 August 2011 our Hungarian correspondent
Hungary: The disastrous consequences of capitalism 14 June 2011 our correspondent in Hungary
The red mud catastrophe of Hungary: natural or man-made disaster? 12 October 2010 Our correspondent in Hungary
Hungary: TransElektro Ganz-Röck Zrt versus its workforce 12 October 2010 Our correspondent in Hungary
Hungary’s growing strike wave 16 December 2008
Hungary: Today they are demonstrating, but in January there could be a major strike 04 December 2008
50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution 20 October 2006 our Hungarian correspondent
Council elections in Hungary 05 October 2006
Hungary on the brink 26 September 2006
Hungarian revolution 1956 07 October 2002 Julianna Grant
Hungarian Elections: No rosy picture 15 May 2002
Hungary: the darker side of capitalist restoration 13 June 2000
Hungary turns to former 'Communists': Hungary's move towards capitalism has produced a new political, economic and social crisis 13 July 1994
Hungary's Bitter Experience of Capitalism 18 March 1994
The Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919 - The Forgotten Revolution 12 November 1979 Alan Woods

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