How Rodzyanko is Trying to Justify Himself

"How can we fail to consider Rodzyanko a criminal?" First published in Pravda No. 87 July 4 (June 21), 1917.

Russkaya Volya No. 143 has published an interview with Rodzyanko, who regards as “unfair” the charge (made by Pravda and Rabochaya Gazeta) that he sheltered Malinovsky. It appears that as early as April 22, 1914, Junkovsky told Rodzyanko that Malinovsky was an agent provocateur but made Rodzyanko give his “word of honour” (!!!) that he would say nothing about it to anyone.

Incredible, but there it is.. Rodzyanko pledged his “word of honour” to a member of the secret police and told the Duma members nothing about the agent provocateur. And our Party and the whole of society, among whom the agent provocateur Malinovsky was still operating, continued to labour under a delusion—because Rodzyanko had given the secret police his “word of honour” that he would not betray the agent provocateur.

How can we tolerate that?

How can we fail to consider Rodzyanko a criminal?


Source: Marxist Internet Archive.