[From HoV] Picket of Honduran embassy in London

On Monday, 5 October, Latin America solidarity organisations protested outside the Honduran embassy in London against the coup in Honduras and in solidarity with the Resistance movement.

Picket of Honduran embassy

For two hours, the 40 people present shouted slogans against the coup-plotters and in favour of reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya, the deposed president. A letter was also handed over to the embassy, demanding the reinstatement of Zelaya, the re-establishment of democratic rights and the punishment of the coup plotters.

Letter and signatories:

The organisations signing below demand:

  • the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of legitimate president of Honduras Mel Zelaya
  • the immediate reestablishment of full democratic rights, constitutional guarantees and an end to repression
  • trial and punishment for all those involved in the coup of June 28 and all those responsible for the repression since

We express our support and solidarity for the resistance movement of the people of Honduras and for its organisation the National Front of Resistance against the coup.

Coordinadora Latinoamericana, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Movement of Ecuadoreans in the UK, Hands off Venezuela, Latin American Workers Association, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign and the Humanitarian Agreement Collective UK.

Video of picket