Title Created Date Author
Reading guide: the ideas of Karl Marx 04 May 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Karl Marx: the man, thinker and revolutionary 04 May 2018 Alan Woods
North Korea breaks out of diplomatic isolation 03 May 2018 Niklas Albin Svensson
The Sexual Revolution in Russia 02 May 2018 Dr Grigory Batkis
[Video] North Korea: Oh! What a lovely peace 01 May 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Lenin on May Day in 1904 01 May 2018 V. I. Lenin
Solidarity campaign secures release of abducted socialists in Pakistan 30 April 2018 International Marxist Tendency
La Manada affair reveals the rotten character of the Spanish state 30 April 2018 Arturo Rodríguez
Message from formerly abducted comrade, Aftab Ashraf 28 April 2018 In Defence of Marxism
All Pakistani comrades released: international solidarity campaign victorious! 27 April 2018 Progressive Youth Alliance (Pakistan)
Afghan Saur Revolution 1978: what it achieved, how it was crushed 27 April 2018 Adnan Khan
South Africa: the SAFTU general strike and the massive class struggle ahead 26 April 2018 Ben Morken
International campaign continues: release our Pakistani comrades! 26 April 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Latest news on abducted comrades in Pakistan 26 April 2018 In Defence of Marxism
The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), state repression and the Marxists 25 April 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Toronto van attack: Alienated young men and capitalism 25 April 2018 Alex Grant in Toronto
British perspectives 2018: a country turned upside down 24 April 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Pakistan: campaign for the release of comrades gaining support! 23 April 2018 IMT Pakistan
Pakistan: another Marxist is missing 23 April 2018 IMT Pakistan
Pakistan: six comrades of IMT abducted by the army! 22 April 2018 IMT Pakistan
[Video] Marxism and literature 20 April 2018 In Defence of Marxism
UK: Windrush scandal – our fragile freedoms under capitalism 20 April 2018 Ravi Mistry
USA: teachers fight back against austerity 19 April 2018 Tom Trottier
Bolshevik decriminalisation of homosexuality – intentional or oversight? 18 April 2018 Fred Weston
South Africa: SAFTU prepares for a massive general strike 17 April 2018 Ben Morken
Canada: Fightback's 2018 perspectives – the need for a militant workers’ movement 17 April 2018 Fightback (Canada)
Catalonia: huge march in Barcelona to demand freedom for political prisoners 16 April 2018 Jorge Martin
From emancipation to criminalisation: Stalinist persecution of homosexuals from 1934 13 April 2018 Fred Weston
Netherlands: Revolutie paper launched 13 April 2018 Zowi Milanovi
Remembering the 2002 Venezuelan coup: how the masses defeated reaction 13 April 2018 Ted Grant and Alan Woods
France: the railway workers' strike and the ‘convergence of struggles’ 12 April 2018 Révolution
[Video] Syrian chemical attacks and imperialist cynicism 11 April 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Hungarian elections: Orbán's victory through fear 11 April 2018 IMT correspondent in Hungary
The forces of Marxism take another step forward in Canada: help Fightback get a Montreal office! 11 April 2018 Fightback Canada
Japan: Abe’s authority weakens further as cronyism scandal resurfaces 10 April 2018 Henry Wolfson
France: Marxist students arrested at University of Nanterre 10 April 2018 Révolution
Capitalism and art: Alan Woods' introduction for Farsi magazine 09 April 2018 Alan Woods
Catalonia: who's afraid of the CDRs? 09 April 2018 Jorge Martin
Venezuela: faced with reactionary threats and concessions – build a revolutionary alternative! 09 April 2018 Luís Romero
Brazil: Lula’s imprisonment - crisis at the top, resistance, and our tasks 07 April 2018 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
[Video] Tory liars and Blairite saboteurs 07 April 2018 Alan Woods
Pakistan: Pashtun movement (PTM) shakes the status quo! 06 April 2018 Adam Pal
Germany rejects Puigdemont extradition for rebellion: a blow to the Spanish regime 06 April 2018 Jorge Martin
[Video] Imperialism and crisis in the Middle East 06 April 2018 Hamid Alizadeh
Canada: Stalinist, sectarian witch-hunt against Marxists sabotages university strike 04 April 2018 Fightback Canada
The death of Martin Luther King 04 April 2018 Roland Sheppard
Fightback's response to CUPE 3903 political ban 04 April 2018 Fightback Canada
For a Republican Anti-Repression Front in Catalonia and the Spanish state! Down with the 1978 regime! 29 March 2018 Lucha de Clases
France: resistance to Macron’s public-sector cuts revives memory of May ‘68 28 March 2018 Joe Attard
Turkey's attack on the Kurds: who are the real terrorists? 27 March 2018 In Defence of Marxism