An instructive book for today’s revolutionaries

Here we publish the English translation of a recent article published in Granma after the Cuban edition of Bolshevism, the Road to Revolution by Alan Woods was launched at the 2007 Havana Book Fair.

The title, Bolshevism, the Road to Revolution, by the British writer, Alan Woods, presented at the Cuban XVI international Book Fair, 2007, is an instrument of struggle for today's revolutionaries.

Published by the Friedrich Engels Foundation in Spain, the text revives original sources of Marxism and demonstrates important means to conduct a revolutionary process and the fundamental need to count on a solid vanguard party.

Woods explained that, after the fall of the USSR, reactionary forces pronounced the death of socialism, communism and Marxism and an opening up of a period of peace and prosperity, which was soon broadly disproved by reality.

There is nothing left of these bourgeois illusions today, he emphasized, adding that, although fierce campaigns of lies still continue against Marxism, its ideas are still very valid today and so necessary for the new generations who want to change the world.

According to the considered opinion of the British researcher, any person who does not know history has no choice but to act in ignorance. For this reason, it is absolutely fundamental for new generations to fully know the theories and practice of Marxism, among which are the need for a party to lead the masses.

He pointed out that this book is for the present and future and explained that the Bolshevik Party that led the Russian Revolution was very democratic, alive and bonded to the working class and not the monster of totalitarianism which the bourgeoisie presents it as.

(Originally published in GRANMA - February 16, 2007 )

A CubaNews translation by Ana Portela.
Edited by Walter Lippmann.

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