Three huge demonstrations (particularly for a city with only half a million inhabitants) took place during the EU summit in Gothenburg. 10,000 marched against president Bush on Thursday 14 June, 20,000-25,000 against EU/EMU on the Friday and 10,000- 15,000 against the policies of the EU on the Saturday. These was the largest demonstrations in Gothenburg since the big strike and lockout of 1980. It also reflects a growing discontent amongst young people and workers.

We are publishing two articles on recent anti-capitalist demonstrations in Europe, one in Barcelona (about which we have already published an earlier article) and the other in Salzburg, Austria, where once again the police used brutal methods to repress the demonstration. This is now becoming a regular feature of these demonstrations. The authorities are attempting to criminalise the movements and have even gone as far as using agents provocateurs (policemen dressed up as demonstrators) who instigate violent conflicts in order to give the police the excuse they need.

On Sunday June 24 about 50,000 people (according to the organisers, or 20,000 according to the media) participated in a demonstration through the centre of Barcelona (Spain) against the World Bank. The World Bank summit against world poverty was originally scheduled to take place in Barcelona on June 25th to 27th, but WB officials decided to cancel it for fear that the protesters would prevent them from using it as a propaganda event. Instead they decided to call a "cyberconference".

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