Over the last month we have seen how all the various ideological ‘arguments’ of capitalism have been used to stop people from protesting at the coming summit of the eight most important political representatives of capitalism in the world.

Marxist.com supporters from Edinburgh as well as Glasgow, London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Newcastle, Cambridge and Liverpool joined protesters at the Make Poverty History march today. Their aim was to put forward the ideas of Marxism as the way to end capitalism – the real cause of poverty nowadays.

In the wake of one of the largest demonstrations in the history of Scotland, Edinburgh hosted one of the biggest political debates in the country in recent times. Up to 4,500 people spread over five different venues in the city centre participated in the G8 Alternatives Summit.

The Gleneagles G8 summit meeting will not go down in history as the day world poverty ended. World musicians have been trying to raise awareness about world poverty and put pressure on politicians. The next day, George W Bush appeared on TV to reassure us that nothing concrete will be done for the poor. Instead of appealing to these people we should be organising to overthrow them and their rotten system.

On June 20 2003, another tragedy took place in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A boat packed full of illegal immigrants capsized due to bad weather off the coast of Tunisia. It has been estimated that 250 people from several African countries were on board this boat, another common steamboat that regularly seeks to go to nearby Italy. The journey to try to find a better life ended with the probable drowning of about 200 people. Only 41 survivors were rescued. There were some who by very tedious efforts managed to swim for 5 hours and were able to reach the shore. This plight of these unfortunate illegal immigrants with their boats either sinking, capsizing or getting lost at sea has been going for many years now.

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