Gaza war: dockers at the port of Barcelona show the way forward!

A month after the Israeli government commenced its ethnic cleansing against Palestinians, the Organisation of Port Dockers of Barcelona (OEPB), ​​has resolved “not to allow the activity of ships in our port that contain war material”. The USTP (Port Workers Union) also took the same decision on 8 November.

From the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), we fully support the workers who have decided to take decisive action against the slaughter. This is the way forward.

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We can only rely on our own strength – the strength of the working class and youth, who are ready to stand up against every form of oppression – to stop this genocide, which has the full support of the imperialists.

Thus, we call on the wider working class – beginning with the organised layers – to show solidarity with the docker. We must take inspiration from their initiative and organise assemblies to discuss the oppression of Palestine, to release manifestos against the genocide, and organise demonstrations, blockades, pickets of companies with interests in Israel, and to demand that our governments cut ties and embargo arms shipments to Israel. The workers of Airbus, who have organised protests along these lines, have also set an example for workers everywhere.

Only the working class has the power to end this massacre of the Palestinian people, as well as the wars and massacres in Ukraine, Armenia, Yemen, etc. Capitalism means unending wars. The liberation of Palestine can only be brought about through the action of the masses in Palestine and the region, fighting against the capitalists and imperialists who have created this nightmare and who, in the name of profits, oppress millions of workers and young people. In other words, it can only be brought about by the class struggle of the oppressed against their oppressors, the revolutionary struggle to establish a world without oppression and exploitation, i.e. a socialist world.

We can contribute to this struggle of our class brothers and sisters in the Middle East, here, at home, by following the inspiring example of the dock workers, by fighting against our own oppressors: the imperialists who rely not only on the oppression of millions in the region, but also on our oppression.

Long live the struggle of the working class!

Down with imperialism!

Intifada until victory!

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