Excellent response to financial appeal

In December welaunched an appealfor donations for the work ofIn Defence of Marxism. The need for Marxist ideas in the movement is now greater than ever and many comrades have made a contribution to the appeal. We managed to raise the full €1,000 and another €200 on top of that, making a total of €1,200.

In the appeal we highlighted how the Arab Revolution, the Indignados movement in Spain, the movement in Greece and the #Occupy movement in the United States have completely transformed the situation. Revolution is back on the agenda and spreading from country to country. Since then we have seen movements erupting inRussia,Nigeriaand once again inGreece. In this context in which the economic crisis is revealing the contradictions of the capitalist system to millions of workers and youth, the ideas of Marxism are needed more than ever in the mass organisations of the working class.

Since the last update we have received another £80 from RP in Brazil, another £30 from JMF in Denmark, £100 from JK in Sweden and $500 from AN in Australia. A big thanks to all these comrades.

We would also like to thank previous contributors. Comrade LG from France is a regular contributor and this time has given £80 for the collection. He is joined by comrade MC, also from France, who gave us £20. Comrades OD (£30) and SK (£5) made contributions from Sweden. Comrade JMF from Denmark is another regular contributor and gave us £33 in December and a further £37 in January, making a total of £70. Another small contribution from Denmark came from TAW. Other regular contributors are RP and FBL from Brazil. RP parted with £80 in December and another £80 in January. Comrade FBL contributed £50. Other contributions came from AH (Belgium, £10), JR (Spain, £15), TR (£10), AB (£5) and GJ (£10).

All these contributions combined make a total of £1,000 or €1,200.