Labour Councils are being forced to choose between cuts in services or increases in the Council Tax. But the resources are there. Proof of that is the huge amount that has been set aside for the war against Iraq. In Southampton we have the courageous stand of Labour Councillor Perry McMillan who has refused to vote the increase in the Council Tax. Steve Jones explains what has been happening.

Without doubt, things are coming to ahead at home and abroad for Tony Blair's government. The unprecedented Parliamentary revolt, in which 121 Labour MPs defied the Labour leadership to vote against war, was the biggest ever against any government. This bombshell reflects the groundswell of opposition within the party and the country.

Tony Blair’s drive towards war with Iraq is producing convulsions throughout the Labour movement. With the threatened resignation or sacking, which ever comes first, of Cabinet Minister Clare Short, after her attack on Blair’s policy on Iraq as “reckless”, the whole edifice of New Labour is threatening to come crashing down.

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