In the recent elections in Norway the Norwegian working class did not vote for this or that party, or this or that electoral alliance. It voted against unemployment, against cutbacks and against privatisation of public welfare. The amazing thing is that although Norway is a debt-free country we have the same policies of cuts in welfare and attacks on working conditions as everywhere else in the world.

In the recent Norwegian elections the right-wing Bondevik government suffered a devastating defeat. Now the left parties have a chance to offer an alternative. The problem is that the Norwegian Social Democracy is dominated by a Blairite pro-business leadership. The workers voted for change but will they get it?

There is greater instability in Germany than ever before in post-war history. Both big parties, the Social Democrats (SPD) and Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) lost considerably. The virtual deadlock is caused by the fact that after a short and very polarised election campaign both camps failed to get anywhere near a majority of seats.