Thousands of workers gathered in Coventry (UK) at the end of November to protest against the closure of the Jaguar plant in Brown’s Lane with a projected loss of 1150 jobs. From the December issue of Socialist Appeal.

We publish this article written by Ted Grant just before the general election in Britian in 1979. The article demonstrates that the Tory policies were doomed to failure because of the sickness of British capitalism and that the reforms offered in the Labour Party programme were unattainable on a capitalist basis. The only way to carry out these reforms and take society forward was the nationalisation of the means of production, and the creation of a planned economy under the democratic control of the working class.

Some 800 anti-fascists responded to the appeal of the Marxist-led Sozialistische Jugend (SJ, Young Socialists) Vorarlberg to demonstrate in Bludenz, a traditional working-class town in the conservative region of Vorarlberg, next to the Swiss and German border. With this demo the anti-fascist movement has again gone onto the offensive.

Fifteen years ago on November 9th 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Within a year East and West Germany were reunited. But unification was carried out on a capitalist basis. Thus it was a counterrevolution. But the movement in the East did not start with that aim in mind, far from it! The early movement had many elements of the political revolution, i.e. a movement against the bureaucracy and for genuine socialism. Here we provide an analysis and also material produced by the Marxists in East Germany at the time.

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