The English Revolution: the world turned upside down – weekly video series with Alan Woods

Join us every Friday for our video series with Alan Woods, The English Revolution: the world turned upside down. Alan will be discussing this colossal event in world history, which dealt an irreparable blow to feudal absolutism and paved the way for modern democracy as we know it.

It is said that revolution has never come to the British Isles. In fact, British parliamentary democracy was born out of a violent revolution and a bloody Civil War, in which the king lost his head. Today, we are witnessing one of the most turbulent periods in British history, and the ruling class fears the nation’s revolutionary past, which is why they seek to bury it under falsehoods.

As Leon Trotsky wrote in 1925: “The British bourgeoisie has erased the very memory of the 17th-century revolution by dissolving its past in ‘gradualness’. The advanced British workers will have to re-discover the English Revolution and find within its ecclesiastical shell the mighty struggle of social forces.”

A careful study of the English Revolution is obligatory for every class-conscious worker. Tune in each week and listen to Alan explain this important chapter in British history from a Marxist perspective! Scroll down to watch the episodes released so far:

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