October 4th Picket in front of the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen

Danish and Iranian labour movement activists picket the Iranian Embassy in Denmark protesting against the repression of workers in Iran. This was part of the “The Workers of Iran Are Not Alone” campaign.

On October 4 a picket gathered in front of the Iranian Embassy in Denmark, to protest against the repression of the Iranian working class by the regime. The picket was composed of both Danish and Iranian activists.

At the picket there were two banners saying: “release all the political prisoners” and “All workers of the world unite”.

The delegation tried to hand in a protest letter to the ambassador. First he refused to open the gate to the embassy, pretending not to be there. When it became obvious that we had seen him at the window, he opened, but then refused to accept the letter. Therefore we include the letter and signatures in this report, and will send the protest letter to the ambassador by mail.

We hope that this protest will help as a part of the international campaign “the workers of Iran are not alone”.

Text of the protest letter:

Protest letter To the Ambassador, Mr. Ahmad Danialy

“The Workers of Iran Are Not Alone”

We strongly protest against repression of the Iranian workers. In the latest period we have been informed of a stepping up of the repression of the fundamental rights of workers and attacks on activist in Iran. We can give examples such as the execution of Esmail Mohamadi and attacks on the union at Sherkat-e Vahed.

We want to show that the Iranian workers are not alone, that there are workers and students in Denmark, as in other countries throughout the world who protest against this repression.


Lasse Bertelsen, Painters’ union

Joannes Stykki, Postal workers’ union

Kasper Siegismund, Postal workers’ union

Frederik Ohsten, Union of journalists

Teis Amundsen, Nurses’ union

Marie Frederiksen, DJØF

Jeppe Krommes Ravnsmed, Public sector union (FOA)

Klaus Münster, Public sector union (FOA)

Janus Hestbech, Specialized workers union (3F)

Jonas Foldager, Metal workers’ union

Jeppe Druedahl, Postal workers’ union

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