Like other Eastern European countries, the Czech Republic had the illusion that with the opening of the market in 1989 and entering into the EU it would eventually be able to enjoy living standards matching the countries of Western Europe. These illusions have been shaken in the last few years. The consequences of this have been shown in the recent period and will inevitably continue to express themselves.

The period of illusions in the “market economy” in the Czech Republic is coming to an end. The realisation that struggle is the only road to defend their interests is seeping into the consciousness of Czech workers. Marxism has a role to play in this process. The new bourgeois elite is trying to stop the activities of the Czech communists, in particular of the Czech Young Communists. These young comrades need the help of workers and youth around the world.

The Czech Ministry of the Interior recently banned the KSM (Communist Youth Union) simply because it "strives for revolutionary overcoming of capitalism and... removal of private ownership of the means of production and its replacement with collective ownership." Here we provide a letter from the Czech Young Communists, explaining the latest developments.

We are publishing an appeal issued by the Czech Communist Youth Union (KSM) after the government recently banned their organisation. We ask you to support their struggle for the basic right to exist as an organisation. Send letters of protest and make the Czech Young Communists know that workers and youth around the world support them.

The demonstrations in Seattle, Washington, London and Prague are an indication that something is changing. For the past twenty years, Capital has been on the offensive. On its banners are inscribed the new slogans: Liberalisation, Globalisation, Downsizing, Outsourcing, Flexibilisation, and a host of other reactionary neologisms. The fall of the Soviet Union gave a further impulse to this offensive. The bourgeoisie was filled with confidence and optimism in the future. But now, a decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the whole thing is beginning to come apart at the seams.

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