Title Created Date Author
Cuba: Trump's threats, constitutional reform and the economic situation 14 May 2019 Jorge Martin
Cuba: groundbreaking seminar in Havana discusses the ideas of Leon Trotsky 14 May 2019 Centro de Estudios Socialistas Carlos Marx
Historic event on Trotsky in Cuba 03 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Counter-revolutionary terrorist, Luís Posada Carriles – dead 23 May 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Notes on the ideas of Che Guevara 09 October 2017 Roberto Sarti
Cuba: Critical Thought in the Socialist Transition 06 July 2017 Frank Josué Solar Cabrales
Cuba and Canada – Friends or Enemies? 20 February 2017 Joel Bergman
IMT statement on the death of Fidel Castro 30 November 2016 International Marxist Tendency
Fidel Castro has died - the Cuban revolution must live! 28 November 2016 Jorge Martín
Anniversary of birth of Che Guevara 14 June 2016 Alan Woods
Obama's Visit to Cuba: A Spoonful of Sugar 02 May 2016 Timothy Bay
US admits failure and re-establishes diplomatic relations with Cuba - a change of tactics to achieve the same aim 18 December 2014 Jorge Martin
Cuba: An interview with Leonardo Padura 24 October 2011 Jonas Foldager and Marie Frederiksen
Cuban CP congress ratifies economic guidelines – workers’ control and international socialism absent from discussion 07 June 2011 Jorge Martin
A traveller's notes from Cuba 03 March 2011 Patrick Larsen
Cuban communist intellectuals discuss the future of socialism 23 November 2010 Alan Woods
Cuba: Judicial Process against The Five Described as Shameful 12 November 2010 Cuban News Agency
Which way for the Cuban Revolution? - A Contribution to the debate 25 October 2010 Frank Josué Solar Cabrales
Where is Cuba going? Towards Capitalism or Socialism? 17 September 2010 Jorge Martin
Trotsky, as Taught in Cuba 20 August 2010 Daisy Valera
Hands off Cuba! Defend the Cuban revolution – fight for International socialism! 23 April 2010 International Marxist Tendency
Prensa Latina reports on picket in solidarity with Cuban Five by IMT in Mexico 19 August 2009
US Supreme Court will not review the case of the Cuban Five 25 June 2009 Mark Rahman in the U.S.
Cuba: Freedom of Expression & Socialism 21 April 2009 Ron Ridenour
Alan Woods speaks to Cuban students 26 February 2009
Havana International Book Fair 2009 – Homage to Celia Hart 23 February 2009
Cuba 50 years later – where is the revolution going? Part Two 18 February 2009 Jorge Martin
Cuba 50 years later – where is the revolution going? Part One 17 February 2009 Jorge Martin
Alan Woods launches “Reformism or revolution” at the Havana Book Fair 17 February 2009
Alan Woods at the XVIII Havana Book Fair 17 February 2009
Alan Woods to launch Reformism or Revolution at Havana Book Fair 03 February 2009
Cuba struck by several hurricanes – solidarity needed 16 September 2008
[From HoV] - Message in solidarity with the Cuban Five sent by a HOV public meeting in London 12 September 2008
Prensa Latina reports on IMT resolution on the Cuban Five 10 September 2008
“The defense of the Cuban revolution is carried out through the socialist revolution in Latin America and the world” 09 September 2008 El Militante
Celia Hart Santamaría (1963 – 2008) 08 September 2008
Resolution on the Cuban Five 03 August 2008
Where is Cuba going? 19 March 2008 Jordi Rosich
Cuba, October, youth and the future 18 March 2008
Increased demand for Marxist theory at the Havana Book Fair 03 March 2008
More than one hundred attend launch of 'Revolution Betrayed' in Cuba 21 February 2008
Impressions from Havana 21 February 2008
Vultures hovering over Cuba after Fidel Castro steps down 20 February 2008 Fred Weston and Alan Woods
Cuba at the Crossroads – Cuba and the debate about Socialism of the 21st Century 29 January 2008
Cuba: "One day of the blockade is equal to 139 urban buses." 14 November 2007
“Cuba: the only way out is to spread the revolution throughout Latin America” 29 October 2007 Frank Josué Solar
Forty years since the death of Che Guevara – Part Two 10 October 2007 Alan Woods
“Che” - an icon? The life and ideas of Ernesto Guevara 09 October 2007 Alan Woods
Interview with Celia Hart: "How can you not be a Trotskyist in the Cuban Revolution!" 06 August 2007
Interview with Gerardo Hernandez, jailed by the US for fighting against terrorism 04 July 2007