Cuba: Judicial Process against The Five Described as Shameful

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 5 (acn) British journalist and writer Alan Woods described the whole judicial process against the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters -incarcerated in the United States for more than 12 years now- as shameful for the US legal system.

Cuban News Agency

Woods, a participant in the 4th Workshop “Cuba, theory and society: Socialism in the 21st century”, told ACN that the imprisonment of Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino and Rene Gonzalez is a disgrace to the ill-called US democracy.

He expressed his conviction that it’s indispensable to increase of actions in the campaign for the release of The Five -as they’re known internationally- for it is a way to break the information blockade of the mainstream media about their case.

In the presence of his colleagues from Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador and Spain, he offered his lecture “The Socialism of the 21st century: there’s nothing new under the sun,” in which he suggests to turn to Marxism-Leninism classics to understand the general crisis of capitalism and its ineffectiveness as a socioeconomic system.

Woods gave board of directors of the Cuban Institute of Philosophy copies of his book “Reformism or Revolution? The Socialism of the 21st century -a response to Heinz Dieterich Steffan (1943, Rotenburg an der Wümme), a German sociologist and analyst living in Mexico.

Sponsored by the aforementioned Institute, the meeting wound up its sessions on Friday at the Raul Roa Garcia Institute of International Relations.

Original article: Cuban News Agency

NOTE: the same article also appeared in Radio Cadena Agramonte (, TV Camagüey ( and Radio Ciudad de la Habana (, all of them in English