Communists are organizing across the United States

A specter is haunting the United States of America—the specter of communism! All powers of the Land of the Free have united to exorcize this specter: Biden and Trump, Bezos and Gates, reformist politicians and “freedom caucus” rabble, liberal professors and reactionary pundits. Yet where is the party in opposition to give the working-class vanguard a clear lead?

Communism is already recognized by right-wing think tanks as a powerful, yet unorganized force. The communists of Socialist Revolution are boldly proclaiming our views and aims, and distributing posters in streets, campuses, towns, and cities across the country. In short, we have made it our mission to organize this new generation of communists. And we are achieving great results!

Communism on the rise

The response from radicalized youth is unprecedented. In just the last month, over 200 people have joined the US section of the IMT, Socialist Revolution. Some are finding communist co-workers and forming their own workplace “cells.” Others are students meeting us in their first weeks on campus.

Even in what may seem the most unlikely of places, Socialist Revolution is marching forward. As we previously reported, young people in Texas are organizing for communism, with our Dallas branch tripling in size since last month! Our branch in Atlanta also doubled in size as of September, and the Houston branch also experienced fast recruitment. Our comrades are showing what it really means to be in a “deep red” state!

At the University of Wisconsin in Madison, our comrades reported that interested communists stopped by our table nonstop throughout the day at the student fair to learn more. More and more people consider themselves communists, want to join a serious organization, and fight against capitalism. They organized a very successful public event on Why We Are Communists, and at the end over 10 of the attendees asked to join the IMT.

In New York City, you might see our posters on the campuses of Pace University, Columbia University, Pratt Institute, or New York University. The Village is so filled with posters that we have been approached about being featured by the NYU newspaper and radio station. Apparently, the “Are You a Communist?” campaign is the talk of the campus, and even some professors are talking about it in class!

You may also have seen our New York comrades on the picket line supporting the writers’ and actors’ strikes, solidarity rallies for the UAW, or at the recent Climate March.

The St. Louis branches conducted an impressive communist showing at Pride last weekend, where they staffed a communist recruitment tent throughout two days. Thirteen people joined on the spot, for a total growth of over 20 comrades just in the month of September!

One of our newest branches, San Diego, has more than doubled in size. Another newer branch in Los Angeles is also making important strides forward! And our Southern California comrades are only just getting started, with events and the start of university semesters happening in the next week or two.

Many branches are multiplying. The Boston, Bellingham, WA, and Madison, WI comrades divided from one to two branches. In New Haven, Connecticut, they multiplied from one to three branches. Phoenix has gone from three to five branches in the last month, with Minneapolis doubling from three to six branches. Philadelphia will soon have five branches, while New York City is growing to six branches.

The communists are everywhere, and even more are coming! New groups are popping up in workplaces and schools—such as at The New School, Sarah Lawrence College, or among NYC sanitation workers in the Teamsters union—but also in new neighborhoods and areas, such as Southern New Jersey; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Amherst, Massachusetts; Portland, Maine; and more.

“Why We Are Communists”

Many new comrades first encountered the IMT at one of our “Why We Are Communists” events, taking place around the country.

In years past, our public events would often be geared towards arguing why capitalism needs to be overthrown in the first place. But with the shift in consciousness from decades of crisis and austerity, for millions of people there is no longer any doubt that capitalism must be ended. Now, the questions we encounter are mostly, “how can we actually achieve a revolution?” Bolshevik strategy has been the main point of the discussion. A welcome sea change!

As our comrades at Arizona State University explained to an audience of over 30 people:

The history of the world depends on the revolutionary youth, on those 30 million communists. Once they are united and move together, they will lead the working class behind them to smash capitalism and replace it with a better world.

Unfortunately, we are not yet united and moving together. We all know that capitalism is a dead end, and that only communism can get us out of the crisis. However, the majority of these communists do not have a clear understanding of how to overthrow capitalism, and they are not organized … Without Marxist theory, and without organization, the revolutionary youth is severely held back and capitalism is able to survive another day.

This is why Socialist Revolution and the International Marxist Tendency exist. We are organizing the best of those 30 million communists as quickly as possible, so that we can train them to become revolutionary leaders. If we achieve this goal, it will be the basis for a mass, independent, genuine Communist Party in this country.

Comrades are explaining to interested people across the US that it is not enough to identify as a communist. You must actively organize to build a communist party! And the potential to do this is greater than ever before, not only in the US, but around the world. The IMT is growing everywhere!

We’re not done yet!

First and foremost, last weekend in Minneapolis we started our Regional Marxist School series, with more coming in New York City, Phoenix, and Bellingham, Washington. Enter the nearest one on your calendar and book your travel and tickets!

Many branches haven’t even started their Fall schedules on the campuses yet. If you live in LA, San Diego, Washington State, or Philadelphia, be on the lookout for our comrades at UC Irvine, UC San Diego, the University of Washington, Western Washington University, and Drexel University. These campuses are just now starting their school semesters, and our comrades will be there!

Here, there, and everywhere, the communists are coming. So, if you’re a communist and you’re not yet organized and active, it’s time to get off the fence and put your money where your mouth is by joining the fight to end capitalism in our lifetime! As our St. Louis comrades recently explained to an audience of young communists:

We are not fatalists, and this bright future is no more guaranteed than the death and despair of the doomers. It will take hard work, it will take organizing. First things first, it will take organizing the communists into a fighting organization, a theoretically trained vanguard that has studied history and theory and is capable of functioning as the living memory and guide of the working class. In Socialist Revolution and the International Marxist Tendency, this is the world that we are fighting for, this is the organization that we are building. There’s a lot of people waving a lot of red flags on social media, but the revolutionary organization has to have boots on the ground in the real world. Are You a Communist? If so, get organized. Join us.

Join us

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