Canada: Montreal Marxist Winter School 2020 – the fight against imperialism!

Join our Canadian comrades for the 10th annual Montreal Marxist Winter School on 15-6 February 2020! The theme for the 2020 school will be “The fight against imperialism.” We have a great line up of presentations based on this theme with a series of international speakers we will be bringing into Montreal to lead these discussions.

The Marxist School has grown impressively over the past few years, becoming the biggest Marxist meeting in Canada with around 240 people participating at the 2019 school. We expect to continue this great tradition and attract hundreds of participants for 2020.

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Topics discussed

  • Iran and the Conflict in the Middle East
  • Socialist solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • The Vietnam war: a Marxist analysis
  • The Colonial Revolution
  • Marxism and the Indigenous Struggle in Canada
  • Revolution and counter-revolution in Latin America