Workers Unite Yorkshire

We are very happy to publish this leaflet that has been distributed in West Yorkshire. The authors of the leaflet are a small but committed group of young Socialists who are based in the area.

Workers Unite

  • Are you sick of war, inequality, racism, unemployment, sexism, homophobia, ignorance, hunger and oppression?
  • Are you sick of the corporate dominated media?
  • Are you sick of the steady decline in real wages, education and health spending?
  • Are you sick of the way the environment is being destroyed in the name of profit?
  • Are you sick of feeling like there is nothing you can do to change this?

You are not alone! There is something you can do! You can make a difference!

Workers Unite is an organisation linked with thousands of other organisations world wide, dedicated to bringing an end to the oppression of all people.

The Changing Mood

Immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union, there was a spirit of optimism in the west. US Imperialism had “won” so to speak, and in the words of president George Bush, we could “look forward to a New World Order of peace, freedom, full employment, and the crushing dominance of the US in world affairs and trade”. Marxism was declared dead, and there was a massive campaign to discredit the struggle for socialism. This outlook, coupled with one of the most powerful economic booms in history, led many to believe in the capitalist system. But this outlook is defiantly beginning to change!

To look at the stock market, the economy is still healthy. But real wages are at only 80% of what they were just 15 years ago, and for the first time since the early 1990s, workers are seriously worried about losing their jobs. This is not “the good life” that the west was promised.

It is this fact that explains the constant and bitter attacks on all aspects of Marxism which have been delivered by every conceivable defender of the existing social order-from the Tory to the Fabians, from the Jesuit priest to the University professor. From the very spleen of these attacks, to the fact that they have to be kept up continuously despite the fact that every single one of the pundits in turn claims to have “finally disposed” of Marxism, the thinking members of the Labour Movement can deduce two facts. First, that the defenders of capitalism recognise in Marxism the most dangerous challenge to their system, and thereby also instantly confess the truth in it, despite all their attempts to “disprove” it. Second, that far from disappearing under the heap of abuse, quack “exposures”, and flagrant distortions, the theories of Marx and Engels are steadily gaining ground, particularly within the active layers of the Labour Movement, as increasing numbers of workers, under the impact of the crisis of capitalism, strive to discover the real meaning of the forces that shape their lives, in order to be able to consciously influence and determine their own destiny.

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