Messages from the United States and Pakistan to the people of London

We received messages from the Dadu Sindh branch of the PTUDC and the American Workers' International League addressed to the people of London.

From Pakistan:

We, the members of the Dadu Sindh branch of the PTUDC, condemn the terrorist attack on the peaceful people of London by al-Qaeda – the friends of international imperialism. We understand that through this act the terrorists make the imperialist countries more powerful. The imperialists will now attack the working class in the name of the “war on terror” and in the name of “peace”. All of our comrades observed a one-minute silence for the innocent victims of yesterday’s attack.

From the United States:

News of the terrorist attacks in London have brought up the horrible memories of September 11th in the United States. It is with deepest compassion, sympathy and solidarity that we send this message to our brothers and sisters in London, Britain and the rest of the world.

Here in the U.S., we have come to know the psychological, economic, and social effects of terrorism. We have felt the loss, mourned, and suffered the damaging effects of the ensuing nationalist hysteria. Our leaders, in response to the terror attacks of 2001, began a campaign of state terrorist death and destruction abroad supported by a relentless propaganda campaign and suppression of our rights at home.

Hypocritical patriotism was preached and nationalism prevailed. Don't fall victim to these same manipulations, comrades! This is not the time for blind retaliation at the cost of further destruction and loss of innocents, but for analysis of the causes of these attacks. Especially now, the day of the G8 Summit in Edinburgh, where the greedy tyrants of world capital are meeting and discussing "debt relief" in their capitalist double-speak, we must conclude that it is imperialism and its subjugation of the peoples of the world that is responsible for breeding terrorism.

The answer is internationalist solidarity, not nationalist hatred. We stand beside you, as do all the workers of the world. It is only through our struggle for genuine equality and genuine democracy that, one day, terrorism will exist only in the history books.

Our thoughts are with our British brothers and sisters and we are confident that you will not be led down a blind alley by Bush, Blair & Co. who will no doubt use these attacks as justification for their war on workers at home and abroad. Workers of the world unite against capitalism and the scourge of individual and state terrorism!

The Workers International League (U.S.A.)