The Unbroken Thread: Report of London Meeting, May 21, 2002

This is a shorter report of the same event.

"This meeting represents a new stage in the development of our tendency," stated Ted Grant to a packed launch meeting of his new book History of British Trotskyism.

Over 100 people packed into the Conway Hall, London - a number of whom had to stand in the corridor - to take part in this celebration of ten years of Socialist Appeal and 75 years of Trotskyism. The meeting hall was decorated with original posters of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the banner of the London Region of the RCP from the 1940s was on display. A photo display of pictures from the early years of Trotskyism also added to the historic occasion.

Alan Woods opened the meeting with a powerful speech on the relevance of Trotskyism today. "Ten years ago, the bourgeois were euphoric in their dream of a New World Order. Now all that has turned to dust. We have entered the most disturbed period since the second world war," Alan stated.

Rob Sewell spoke about the traditions of the Trotskyist movement, and in particular the contribution of Ted Grant. "The real history of British Trotskyism begins with the formation of the Workers' International League in early 1938. The leadership of Ralph Lee, Millie Lee, Jock Haston and Ted Grant made history in establishing the most successful Trotskyist group in Britain."

The final speaker was Ted Grant. "Our movement is based upon theory. We stand on the shoulders of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. We start with these fundamentals. The period opening up will see the growth of our tendency on the basis of great events. The future lies with the new generation that will be open to Trotskyism," stated Ted.

The enthusiasm in the meeting was reflected in the collection of over 2,000 pounds. Nearly 100 books were sold as well as a significant amount of political material.

"This is a truly great event. We can be proud of our past. Now we need to look to the future!" said Ted.

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