The Marxist Left of the PT (Esquerda Marxista) stood in the PT’s internal elections, winning a sizeable vote, much increased on previous elections, winning a position on the national leadership and taking the ideas of revolutionary socialism to every corner of the party.

In the last few days five trade unionists have been sacked by the A.L.L. (América Latina Logística S.A.) railway company (two in Bauru, one in Campo Grande and two in Corumbá), but the attack may become broader and the number of trade unionists that may be sacked is 23. We are appealing to all readers to take part in the protest campaign.

The recent municipal elections in Brazil have revealed a contradictory process, with the PT gaining in smaller towns and rural areas but losing ground in its traditional industrial urban strongholds. But there were some exceptions: where the Marxists of the PT stood the party vote went up massively and several were elected.

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