Brazil: Marxist Left elected to the National Leadership of the PT

The Marxist Left of the PT (Esquerda Marxista) stood in the PT’s internal elections, winning a sizeable vote, much increased on previous elections, winning a position on the national leadership and taking the ideas of revolutionary socialism to every corner of the party.

Brazil: Marxist Left elected to the National Leadership of the PTThe slate “Turn to the left – Back to socialism” received 3,407 votes in all states of Brazil in the internal elections within the Workers’ Party (PT) and therefore will be part of the newly elected National Leadership of the PT.

This represents an important victory for a slate which was based on rank and file support for a policy of explaining the need for the PT to break with the ruling class and its parties, and that the party should go back to the struggle for socialism which inspired its founding.

This result was possible because of our activities, our firm policies, without sectarianism, promoting fraternal and revolutionary discussion, concentrating in discussing politics, without shrill denunciations and without adapting to the party apparatus.

We discussed the need to struggle for socialism; we explained that the rank and file members must be heard and that they should decide. That the party has no owners and that internal democracy is a key and necessary part of the struggle for socialism.

The campaign was very good and showed that socialism still has a great number of defenders within the PT. Esquerda Marxista [the Marxist Left in the PT] invites all comrades who voted for us and supported the campaign, to join us and collaborate with us to continue this struggle. We will now bring this battle to the National Congress of the PT on February 18, 2010.

Let’s remind ourselves of the words of the Communist Manifesto: “workers have nothing to lose, and a world to win”.

We will continue the struggle!

Marxist Left
(December 2, 2009)

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