Brazil: #FORATEMER occupies the streets of Sao Paulo

At the ‪#‎ForaTemer‬ (Témer Out!) rally in Sao Paulo on Sunday, May 15th, Liberdade e Luta (Freedom and Struggle) was present among the ten thousand-strong protest. 

The protest started in the Cyclists Square on Paulista Avenue and marched down Consolaçao. Upon coming to the end of the initial route at Roosevelt Square, protesters returned to Paulista Avenue and continued the rally.

Militants of Freedom and Struggle in Sao Paulo were in the streets with their banner, collecting signatures for the petition against the Gagging Law and distributing more than 2,000 leaflets with the hashtag #ForaTemer. Protesters used this material to express their rejection of the new government issuing from the opening of impeachment proceedings approved on May 11th by the Senate.

youth-protest credit-liberdade-e-lutaPhoto: Liberdade e LutaAll protesters who identify with the intervention of Freedom and Struggle are invited to participate in the organized block around our banner, which is being used in demonstrations. A launch meeting is being called for this Tuesday, May 17th, at 1700 hours on the steps of the Cathedral. 

Get organized with your friends and participate. We will plan boosting the collective intervention in the coming protests and prepare upcoming discussions against the Gagging Rule, the repression of occupations of schools and the #ForaTemer movement.

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