Title Created Date Author
More international solidarity for Rawal Asad! 05 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Solidarity campaign for Rawal Asad gains momentum! 25 February 2019 2019-02-25 09:54:10
Belgium: student bureaucrats censor anti-racist struggle 28 November 2018 Vonk – Marxistische jongeren
November 1918: how occupied Belgium was liberated by German revolutionary soldiers 15 November 2018 Kyle Michiels
Belgium: the strange friends of Carles Puigdemont 15 October 2018 André Gonsalis
Belgium: spontaneous strikes shake the government 03 June 2016 Erik Demeester
Bomb attacks in Brussels – what will they lead to? 22 March 2016 Fred Weston
Massive general strike in Belgium: Nothing moved by air, by road and by water 17 December 2014 Erik Demeester
Moving and defiant homage to Hugo Chavez in Brussels 15 March 2013 Erik Demeester
Belgium: Steel Unions Demand Nationalisation of ArcelorMittal in Liège 19 February 2013 Erik Demeester
Belgium: European day of action - fighting mood of workers but disarray of union tops 15 November 2012 Erik Demeester
Belgium: Closure of Ford Plant - Nationalisation the Only Alternative to Mass Layoffs 12 November 2012 Pablo Sanchez and Erik Demeester in Belgium
Belgium: Bosses’ militia bites the dust 05 March 2012 Erik Demeester
Belgium: First general strike in 19 years 08 February 2012 Our industrial correspondent
Belgium: street cleaners paralyse Brussels 28 September 2011 Erik Demeester
“Chain of solidarity” with workers of Opel in Belgium 15 March 2010 our correspondent in Antwerp
Belgium: Carrefour announces massive lay-offs despite huge profits! 02 March 2010 our Brussels correspondent
Belgium: The battle for sustainable jobs begins at Opel Antwerp 11 February 2010 Stephen Bouquin, Eric Goeman and Patrick Humblet
Belgium: Closure of Opel requires bold solidarity action and campaign for nationalisation 10 February 2010 our Brussels correspondent
Day of action confirms determined militancy of Belgian workers 16 October 2008
From wildcat strikes to general strike: how Belgium is “catching up” 10 July 2008
Belgium: Socialist candidate wins more than a third of the vote 29 October 2007
Belgium: Socialist Left candidate nominated for elections of party chairperson! 14 September 2007
Day of solidarity with Venezuela in Belgium 22 December 2006
Belgium: 100,000 workers march through streets of Brussels 01 November 2005
Belgium: Two general strikes in three weeks – class struggle back on the agenda 19 October 2005
Belgium: First general strike in 12 years against bosses’ “work-till-you-drop” plans 06 October 2005
Belgium: Reshuffling of the right wing heralds growing polarisation 15 December 2004
Belgian government threatens Iranian asylum seekers: Stop this travesty of justice! 12 November 2003
Federal elections in Belgium - a more marked left-right polarisation is emerging 19 May 2003
Stop the transport of weaponry through Antwerp (Belgium)! 21 January 2003 Filip Staes
Euro-summit in Brussels on 14 and 15 December 05 December 2002
Voor een Socialistisch Europa! Pour une Europe Socialiste ! For a Socialist Europe! 04 December 2002
The strategic importance of European ports in US military deployment against Iraq 22 November 2002
May Day 2002 Report from Belgium: Criticisms of Blair and Schroeder and calls for shift to the left 08 May 2002
Collapse of Belgian airline underlines bankruptcy of privatisation policy and of union strategy 16 November 2001
Belgium: after 20 years of austerity, workers go into action to recover lost income 24 October 2000
New revelations on the assassination of Patrice Lumumba: A belated trial of Belgian colonialism 19 April 2000 Pierre Dorremans
Belgium After the White March 23 October 1996

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